Through metal forming, the creations of YEOSH express part of their essence, as pure as possible, while doing justice to life's richness and complexity.

Philippe Narbel

After 10 years as a self-taught jeweller in foothills of the Jura mountains, at the age of 30, Philippe Narbel took the opportunity to take up an apprenticeship with a prestigious watch manufacturer in the Vallée de Joux, Switzerland. He then completed his training by practising as a watchmaker for a few years in this company. Developing a yearning to shape materials with his hands he joins the handmade bevelling workshop. There he develops his skills and goes on to perform an art known as ”squelletage” on watch movements of the most complicated kinds. With many ideas for jewels and watches in mind and his independent spirit still intact, he finally took flight and by the end of 2015 launched the Yeosh brand as a platform for his creativity.

Philippe Narbel


Set in the village of L’Abbaye, YEOSH draws its DNA from the Vallée de Joux, watchmaking’s epicentre. An inspiring and dynamic region open to the world. A universe where precision mixes with advanced ideas and the artisan’s hand with the most advanced technologies. Metal working is for YEOSH a mean of expressing itself and beyond the aesthetics lie values that anchor each step. Those same simple, while essential, values that give meaning to every day’s life.

Why YEOSH, those five letters, so different even through their graphic expression or their sound? They have their meaning, their own beauty just like five different people with their own backgrounds, talents and cultures. Each is unique and magnificent on its own. But as soon as you bring them together something singular occurs. They enhance one another and remind us that our biggest gift is our ability to share